Critical Computation: Lab

Fall 2020 Parsons School of Design

curriculum developers: Xin Xin + Katherine Moriwaki

class teaching

Critical Computation Lecture + Lab (CC Lecture + CC Lab) are corequisites that work hand-in-hand to introduce computation and code as an expressive medium for artists, designers, and technologists. CC Lecture provides an introduction to computation through a series of critical inquiries and technical fundamentals, while CC Lab serves as a continuum of CC Lecture by applying theories to practice through a series of experimentations and play. Together, the three learning pillars for CC Lecture + CC Lab are code, critique, and design. CC Lecture provides a critical approach to thinking and working with technology by introducing programming concepts within a social and historical context. Through an intersectional feminist lens, the course unpacks design biases embedded in pervasive technology while pointing towards examples of expressive, critical, and community-centric ways of working with technology. On the technical end, the course introduces programming fundamentals through p5.js, followed by examples of additional JavaScript libraries and external APIs. CC Lab expands the topics covered in CC Lecture through extended tutorials, pair-programming sessions, embodied group activities, and one-on-one mentoring. The lab structure allows students to process the course materials and Assignments assigned by CC Lecture, and further develop the assignments based on their own individual interests and background.